Wheel of fortune

Originally a television show created by Merv Griffin, aired on American Television way back in 1975 and has charmed, entertained and thrilled its viewers since then. And even after so many years it still allures and excites people and its charisma hasn't diminished at all.

In the past years, a number of slot versions of the Wheel of Fortune were released, the very first one was released in 1986.

The Slot Machines are electronic gaming machines that have a wheel mounted on them. The wheel rotates when a user presses the button and determines the amount or prize or the bonus that the player could receive. It was much later that the various online versions of these Wheel of Fortune slot machines were created and they are immensely popular these days.

Online slot machines are computer game adaptations of the same and have only graphical representation of the Wheel of Fortune and no moving parts. Since there are no mechanical constraints on the design of the online slot machines, these offer much more interactive, attractive and video graphical features and a better gaming experience with the added comfort of playing from home. So, you get all the excitement and fun of playing the game without ever leaving your comfortable couch. How great would it be to sit back in your bed, sip coffee and earn money?

The Wheel of Wealth is by far the best online version of the Wheel of Fortune slot. It has a wild, multiplier symbol and a Bonus Feature. It is a three reel online Slot Machine and has three coin slots. Payline in a Slot Machine is a straight or zigzagged line that crosses through a particular symbol on each reel. A winning combination is evaluated along the pay line of which The Wheel of Wealth has only one pay line.

The Wheel of Wealth offers a number of attractive features, the highlight of which is the 'Bonus Feature'. But in order to qualify to play this Bonus Feature, you must bet three coins per spin.

The Wheel of Wealth is legitimate, trustable and a fair online slot machine. So you would never have to worry about a single thing. Just relax and start playing; you never know when your life might change. This might be your lucky day.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Wheel of Wealth is a three reel, one payline, three coin slot machine. It has a wild, multiplier symbol and a Bonus Feature. To qualify to play the Bonus Feature, you must bet three coins per spin. Wheel of Wealth is the best online version to the Wheel of Fortune slot.